Foundation Supported Projects

Contra Costa Regional Health Foundation supports many health-related projects through direct funding, fiscal management or grant-writing assistance. To that end we also maintain active partnerships with local & national foundations and corporations. A few of our projects sponsored in part or whole by Contra Costa Regional Health Foundation:

Breastfeeding Education

Breastfeeding Education

To forward the cause toward making the CCRMC health system baby- friendly and satisfying the basic requirements of PRIME, CCRHF funded online breastfeeding training for 250 nurses and 250 doctors serving women in our hospital and clinic settings and a consultant to work towards achieving the goal to make the hospital 100% Baby Friendly.

Public Health Literacy Program

Book bags and books being assembled for the Public Health Literacy Program

Realizing that as Public Health Nurses, they have an intimate role in family dynamics and have established trust by visiting patients' homes, they sought funding from the Foundation to add a literary aspect to their visit. Their idea was to train and teach new mothers how to bond and read to their infants. Their target population was 500 newborns who are low income, eligible for home nursing visits and have health issues. The Foundation funded this wonderful proposal and the nurses are now arriving with books, book bag, onesie and additional books for any older siblings.

Richmond Public Health Solutions (PHS)

Training future Public Health Workers

A successful and innovative internship program overseen by Community Wellness & Prevention Program has expanded to a second high school in West Contra Costa County this year. This program, generously funded by The California Endowment, is now being offered to Health Academy students at Richmond and DeAnza High Schools.

Richmond PHS provides youth with 30 hours of training on the social determinants of health, types of public health careers, workplace etiquette and offers paid internships to select participants. The goal is to move high school students from communities affected by health inequities into the field of public health. Since its inception in 2013, Richmond PHS has provided classroom education to 300 De Anza students, and placed over 30 students in paid summer internships with health-related employers.

If your program is interested in hosting an intern or you would like to learn more about the program, please contact Shannon Ladner-Beasley at

Art of Health and Healing

Art of Health and Healing

This innovative program focuses on the psychological, emotional and spiritual aspects of patient healing as a complement to physical healing. The Foundation has funded grant writing services, trademark applications, consultants and workshops. See more information on the Art of Health and Healing program.

Art in Healthcare Settings

To promote healing and comforting environments, the Foundation has sponsored the creation and installation of several original artworks at CCRMC & Health Centers.

Four murals have been painted at the Regional Medical Center: two in outdoor public patio areas and two murals in the children's room.

An exhibit with local, storytelling artwork was installed in 2016 at the Miller Wellness Center in Martinez and in 2017 diverse, inspiring artwork was installed in the Perinatal Unit at the CCRMC hospital. Both of these exhibits, curated by artist Ann Schnake, feature work by more than 60 Bay Area artists.

See more slideshow of artwork

  • 1/17
    Artist Victoria Hamlin has always enjoyed telling stories with art. Her painting Wellness Center Welcome of some of the many people who care for patients at The Wellness Center. As a child she made dioramas, collages, drew from comic books, and drew princesses with tiaras on mountain tops. Now she draws inspiration from the lives of ordinary extraordinary people doing the simple actions of living, working and joining together.

  • 2/17

  • 3/17
    Emily Weill works abstractly, exploring her own immediate emotional state and the changes, transitions, and healing patterns surrounding her. Her work is deeply influenced by her multiple her roles as mother, artist and worker. She is deeply influenced by the particular challenges of having a son with bipolar disease, engaging with the emotional turmoil, service systems and difficulties of daily life. She funnels many feelings into her work, creating an emotionally intense and healing experience and hopes her viewers feel this immediacy and sense of compassion and exchange.

  • 4/17
    The work of artist Natalia Anciso is a visual record of family, community, and border culture along the Rio Grande, between Texas and Mexico. She paints on simple domestic items like pillowcases as a reminder of home and to bring intimacy to layers of story. She is also informed by Paño Arte, the handkerchief art believed to have emerged from Chicano prisoners in the 1940s, and the huipil, the embroidered traditional Mayan dresses worn by indigenous women in Southern and Central America.

  • 5/17
    Artist Nancer Lemoins writes:
    When I emerged from a five-year stupor of non-creativity, I began creating art that focused on the life and politics of living with AIDS. I believed that it would save my life. It did. Against all odds, I am still on this planet, and am still making art. Since I had such great success saving my own life with art, I have widened my objective and now I want to save YOUR life….if I can touch you with a moment of stunning beauty, I am doing my job here on earth.

  • 6/17
    Marion Coleman's world mountains mini series shows how life moves forward for children under the watchful eye of some of the world's great mountains. All over the world children work, play, enjoy sports and overcome the trials of civic unrest. They include American children bicycling by Mount Diablo; Japanese children playing near Lake Kawaguchi with Mt. Fuji in the distance; Maasai children goat herds with cloud covered in front of Mt. Kilimanjaro; San Jose, Costa Rica children playing soccer in the streets by Mt. Irazu; Bosnian children below the mountains of Sarajevo, playing in an open field in a city scarred by war.

  • 7/17
    Stephen McMillan was born in the middle of the last century in a house in the East Bay with a sweeping view of the water. Perhaps it was this initial view of the world that has inspired his wide angled sense of space. He spends much of his time outside and is renewed and invigorated by being in and moving through landscapes. He seeks to share this sense of renewal with others.

  • 8/17
    Alison Foshee's series of staple constructs on paper is an exploration of everyday materials. Our work objects, such as staples, are simultaneously indispensable and without value. Our human made objects are built for endurance yet easily thrown away. But the staple is tenacious! They endure and keep things together. They grasp at the bits of paper that once held meaning. Even when twisted and rusted with age, they hold tightly to themselves as worthy of survival as Nature itself. In making images of plants from staples, their natural poetry and melancholy beauty might suggest acceptance of change.

  • 9/17
    Hope House is a nearby residential treatment center for people in crisis. Artist Victoria Hamlin worked with residents there, following their daily activities and seeing the peaceful support in the simple act of preparing a meal or walking at the marina together. This process of congregating is central to her work, illustrating her belief that the best of us emerges when we support and care for each other. Images of ordinary extraordinary people doing the simple actions of living, working and joining together are her interest.

  • 10/17
    Fernando Reyes is fascinated with layers of form, of humans and nature. This piece is a reduction block print, where a single woodblock is used to produce a multicolored print. He began with burnt sienna, printing the grain pattern of the woodblock to simulate a tabletop. Next he cleaned the block and cut parts away for the next color, dark blue. He continued cutting away specific areas of the block and printing each color until reducing the woodblock until there was almost no remaining wood to cut away. The last color printed was the red embellishments around the plate.

  • 11/17
    Jim Carpenter is a pediatrician who has worked for Contra Costa County for over 30 years. Photography has been a part of his life for over 50 years. Nature is his place of respite, where he goes to share time with loved ones and refuels to face urban challenges. As a child abuse pediatrician, he has been exposed to difficult aspects of humanity and sees balance in the beauty and wonder of the world. This photograph was taken near Yosemite where he was hiking with dear friends.

  • 12/17

  • 13/17
    Ranu Mukherjee collects images of the contemporary global experience of movement, including migrant labor, travel, relocation for work, spiritual engagement and war. The ink drawings on paper are a form of note taking and capture both a precariousness and desire for change. Old notions of the nomad traveling for sustenance seem consistent with the contemporary experience just in different and less romanticized forms.

  • 14/17
    In this abstract painting, Kim Anno creates the essence of illusionism, suggesting a landscape that is not a definite landscape but suggests the fluidity and dreaminess of water and air. The inspiration for the piece is both from nature and from Asian and Native American textiles, a confluence of the artist's own Hapa identity. As an oil painting on metal, it is a gesture that rearranges the landscape. While joy and beauty are immediately present, changing climate, loss and impermanence might also be reflected, as if in a tarnished mirror.

  • 15/17

  • 16/17

  • 17/17

Housing Security Fund

The Housing Security Fund is a community fund that covers the costs that can prevent many people, including seniors, veterans and families, from getting back into housing. The fund also protects property owners who offer these screened applicants an opportunity. CCRHF is pleased to be the fiscal sponsor for this new and important program.

Health Leads

Volunteer Health Lead Advocates

The Foundation recently approved funding for the expansion of this critically acclaimed pilot program.

In June 2014, CCRMC in partnership with Health Leads and with generous funding from Kaiser Permanente among others launched the "Desk Model" at the West County Health Center. This model allows for healthcare providers to prescribe food, heat and other basic resources their patients need to be healthy. The "Desk" then utilizes a volunteer workforce to "fill the prescription" by connecting patients to community resources and public benefits.

CCRHF is funding the expansion of this program across the county. This will include mapping all resources available and integrating them into the Reach database, which will enable county employees to quickly match patients to resources, track and mange referrals and allow for patient follow up.

This is an unprecedented opportunity to make social needs a standard part of every patient's care and the Foundation is proud to be a partner in this endeavor.

Medical Reserve Corps

The Contra Costa Medical Reserve Corp is a specialized partner of the national network Citizen Corps and part of the county's emergency planning and response system. The MRC provides for additional medical professionals to respond during medical surge events. These emergencies might require the mass dispensing of medications or vaccines and supporting the medical needs of people in evacuation shelters.

Contra Costa's MRC has been recognized as one of the premier programs in the state. It has been deployed to the recent Napa County fires and the Lake County fires of 2015. As a volunteer-run organization the MRC needs to raise funds to support its ongoing efforts including replacing supplies, equipment and pharmaceuticals depleted during actual operations. CCRHF is proud to sponsor their work.

Global Health Fellowship

Global Health Fellowship: Point of Care Ultrasound course (Mangochi, Malawi)

CCRMC's Global Health Fellowship Program provides additional training to its family physicians to equip them with the tools to become leaders in global health by partnering overseas with local institutions. This program currently collaborates with UCSF and has sent Global Health Fellows to Malawi to mentor and teach Malawian medical students in both hospital and clinic settings.

Past projects include overseas travel - training local doctors in Kenya, Sudan, India and Mexico.

The CCRHF has sponsored the transportation costs for the current Global Health Fellows and is working actively to get the word out and secure funding for this wonderful and important program.

Integrative Health Program

Provides care for the whole person—mind, body and spirit. Services include acupuncture, chiropractic, birth coaching during delivery, mindful movement groups to reduce stress and chronic pain, and "food as medicine," which links patients to the Food Bank, Cal Fresh (food stamps) and free produce at our clinics.

Family Practice Residency

The Foundation serves as the fiscal manager for the residencys' fund raising efforts, global health program and ultra sound education courses.

The following is a partial list of our generous donors and program sponsors:


National Association of Mental Health, Stephen & Elizabeth Van Arsdell, Cameron and Jane Baird Foundation, Contra Costa County Employees
And many generous individual contributors

Past Projects

Nursing Leadership Academy

Nursing Leadership Academy is a leadership development program for selected CCRMC nurses and managers with the goal of increasing the participants' leadership knowledge, skills and commitment to building partnerships that will contribute to achieving organization priorities. This year long program included three retreats that featured world class faculty, webinars and numerous work sessions. Funding for this program was provided by CCRHF.

Contra Costa Regional Medical Center Farmers' Market

The Foundation underwrites the weekly farmers' market held at the Medical Center, operated by Contra Costa Certified Farmers' Markets. See more information about the market.

Active and Healthy Families

The Foundation serves as fiscal manager for this vital program to combat childhood obesity in local Latino communities. The program is underwritten by a grant from the Safeway Foundation, in collaboration with the University of California, Berkeley, and Contra Costa Health Services. Learn more about Active & Health Families.

Transitions Clinic Network

This project links recently released prisoners with chronic diseases to primary care services, and assists them in successful and healthy reintegration into society. The Foundation, working with the San Francisco Foundation and California Community Colleges among others, has provided grant –writing assistance, budgetary assistance and has served as the fiscal manager for this $300,000, three year project.

Lactation Consultants

The Foundation has directly funded lactation support services for CCMRC's Newborn Nursery Breastfeeding Project.

Sacha's Family Fund

The Foundation assisted the family of a CCRMC residency student to establish an endowment in honor of the support and compassion she received from fellow residents during a time of need. The Foundation worked with the family to create and administer this fund which supports the residency program.